Lexus Lx570 2017…..$15000…Whatsapp +17027205846

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Lexus Lx570 2017.....$15000...Whatsapp +17027205846





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Lexus Lx570 2017…..$15000…Whatsapp +17027205846


my lexus lx570 2017 is clean titled. Used for only 8 months and in perfect working condition. my car is buy and use no service required. contact me now via whatsapp +17027205846 to discuss terms of sale.


My cars are still available for sale for $15000. In attachment are all the details of the car. Please follow the attachments to confirm if my car suits your spec.


Make: Lexus LX 570

Year Model: 2017

Manufacturer: Lexus Japan

Steering: Left Hand Drive(LHD)

Spec: Gulf

Option: Full Option

Colour Inside: Beige

Colour Outside: White

Mileage: 4409KM

Engine: 5.7L V8

Fuel Type: Gasoline(Petrol)

Status: Accident Free

Duration used: 4 Months(like new).


Condition: Used for less than 4 months and in perfect working condition, no maintenance required and no scratches or cheeps. the car is not flooded or salvaged or involved in any accident so condition of the car is A+.

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